[Participation requirements]

Being able to understand Japanese is a prerequisite for participation. People who do not understand Japanese cannot join (as the instructions and guidance are currently in Japanese.)

◇ Basic rules ◇
· Please be sure to follow all instructions given by the instructor.
In the event that you are observed not obeying instructions (reckless operation, etc.), or operating in such a way that obstructs the enjoyment of others or puts others in danger, you risk forfeiting your opportunity to continue with the tour. Please take note of this.
·Operate in accordance with the laws and regulations of the natural park  (traffic regulations, etc) and listen carefully to your instructor to avoid entering protected areas or areas which are off limits to vehicles. 
· Please be aware that, in the event of heavy rain, thunderstorms, or windstorms, the tour may be ended prematurely if it is judged too dangerous to continue.
· We reserve the right to publish videos, photos, comments, etc. of customer experiences on the company homepage, in advertisements for our services, on social media, YouTube, etc.
· Participants must be at least  16 years of 70 age.

·Weight limit from  45 kg to 105 kg​(Those with 100 kg or more have experience in Segway tour)

◇ Clothing and belongings ◇
· Please participate in clothing suitable for exercise (high heels are not allowed)
· Bags are limited to backpacks.  Bags with shoulder straps and waist pouches are not recommended. Avoid all bags that do not leave your hands completely free.
· Avoid holding a smart phone or camera in your hand while operating the Segway. (Filming is permitted only when you are stopped. Otherwise, please keep any device on a strap or in your pocket)
· Helmets must be worn.

◇ Health Requirements ◇
· For the safety of all participants, those who fall under any of the following may be refused participation:
· Anyone who suffers from hypertension, heart disease, spinal cord or neck injury, epilepsy, those prone to hyperventilation, those intoxicated, and any others with symptoms that may be exacerbated by participating.
· Also, those who are pregnant (or possibility pregnant), individuals with pacemakers, or anyone who needs mobility assistance to walk may be refused participation.Deafness.
· In addition, depending on physical condition or age, we may request medical clearance. 
· The organizer may also refuse those who are deemed unfit on the day of participation.

◇ Other ◇
· Participants must sign a consent form. Liability  and accident insurance are included in the participation fee.
· The organizer is not responsible for the theft, loss, damage of any valuables. Please be aware that this is fully the responsibility of the participant. 
· Please note that 100% safety cannot be guaranteed. Participants must understand this before deciding to register. Therefore, any accidents, injuries, or other trouble incurred during the tour must be accepted as the responsibility of the participant. Understand that all claims will be handled under the insurance policy of the organizer.
· Participation while intoxicated is strictly prohibited. If a participant is suspected of having been drinking, the organizer has the right to refuse participation. We ask for your understanding.

- Segway Insurance

Driver age requirement     All ages
Uninsured vehicle coverage     ¥3,350,000
Passenger injury (Medical Insurance) daily hospitalization coverage:    ¥5000
Multiple payments for daily treatment:     ¥3000

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