◇ Can you actually ride a Segway on sand? ◇

Yes. There are on-road and off-road tires for Segway. For the Sakyu Segway Experience, we will be using Segways equipped with off-road tires. Compared to the on-road version, these off-road versions have more power and better running capabilities.

◇ Can you ride around the sand dunes freely? ◇

No, you cannot ride in the specially protected areas, and areas prohibited to horses and vehicles. However, our allotted area and running routes are very expansive, and are built to allow a reasonable amount of freedom.
Please obey the instructor's instructions when operating the Segway.

◇ I am not used to exercising. Will it be difficult? ◇

Don't worry, you will be given enough instruction and practice time at the beginning, which will be enough for you to get used to the operations. To ensure your confidence, the lecture and instruction will be given by instructors who are officially licensed and authorized by Segway Japan.

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