[Operation Policy]


◇ Participant safety ◇

For the sake of customer safety and the full enjoyment of the Tottori Sand Dunes, an officially licensed instructor who is authorized by Segway Japan will accompany as a lecturer and guide.

◇ Consideration for other tourists ◇

When operating a Segway, the highest priority is to respect the space and safety of pedestrians with whom you will be sharing the routes. Keep this in mind and avoid obstructing the way. As such, you may need to stop at times and heed instructions given by the instructor.

◇ Strict adherence to natural park laws and regulations ◇

You must strictly observe the laws of the natural park (traffic regulations, etc.). Please ensure to obey all instructions given and avoid entering protected areas or areas which are off limits to vehicles.

◇ To Ensure That Visitors Can Enjoy Tottori Sand Dunes As Much As Possible ◇

The official Segway instructors are also recognized as guides for Tottori sand dunes and are extremely knowledgeable about the dunes. We strive to ensure that all visitors can enjoy the sand dunes as much as possible by focusing on conversation and communication while they enjoy the Segway.